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Specializing in mochi-style doughnuts

made with glutinous rice flour




Mochi donuts are Hawaiian style donuts

mixed with Japanese mochi and American Donuts

Mochinut Encinitas Donut Shop

Mochinut Encinitas

1452 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone: 442-357-0333
Open Hours :
Sun – Thur: 9am-7pm
Fri – Sat: 9pm-8pm

Mochinut san diegoCrispy on the outside, Chewy on the inside

More Than Just a Donut

Mochi donut is the titillating product of the happy union between Japanese rice cake (mochi) and American-style doughnuts, which originated in Hawaii.
Made with rice flour, it attributes to its chewy and stretchy texture. An alluring sticky addictiveness to each bite; a textural element that is completely different from yeast or cake donuts.
Gluten Free Bakery in Encinitas

Mochi Donuts

Coated and glazed with various flavors

Rice Flour Hotdogs

Coated in rice flour batter and fried


A refreshing cup of bliss

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Rice Flour Donut in Encinitas

If you love donuts, then you should try delicious Mochi Donuts in Encinitas. These donuts are not only chewy but also addicting, just like mochi. Due to their super cute shape, mochi donuts have become popular over the last couple of years. Mochinut has become more like a trend sweeping across America due to its natural, gluten-free qualities. Earlier, mochinut was more prevalent in Japan. Still, due to the evolution of Bakery in Encinitas, Mochinut Encinitas, you can have different flavors of Mochinut like strawberry, Yuzu, Taro, milk pebble, churro, coffee, UBE original, etc. So you can say that we have something for everyone on our menu. Apart from that, we offer rice flour hotdogs and drinks that are pretty refreshing and fulfilling. Order and take out Mochinut in San Diego and Carlsbad to get once in a lifetime experience.